Jagged Moments

Unconcious Mutterings

Posted by: azladi5 on: March 24, 2008

  1. Money :: What money?
  2. Unhappy :: With Michael
  3. Joking :: Just joking! (sure)
  4. Chipmunk :: Alvin
  5. Date :: Valentines Day (a new start)
  6. Slideshow :: on ‘Lil Julie Bean
  7. Chicago :: the “windy” city
  8. Lifetime :: One chance in a…..
  9. Skid row :: Where Michael will be
  10. Edward :: Prince

Unconcious Mutterings

Posted by: azladi5 on: March 2, 2008

  1. Chemical :: Leak
  2. Poker :: Stake
  3. Federal :: Income Tax
  4. Mattress :: The Princess and the Pea
  5. Who am I? :: Still learning :)
  6. Investigation :: Private eye
  7. In good hands :: Allstate
  8. 8:30 :: Wish I could sleep ’till!
  9. Creditors :: Yuck!!!
  10. Resource :: Library

Unconcious Mutterings

Posted by: azladi5 on: February 24, 2008

  1. Protocol :: Procedure
  2. Girlfriends :: Gal Pal
  3. Shoulders :: Head and…
  4. Coming home :: Soldier
  5. Let it in :: the dog
  6. Honor :: “thy father and mother”
  7. Tyler :: James
  8. Thriller :: Michael Jackson
  9. Angela :: Bassett
  10. The winner is :: Kenny Chesney

Unconcious Mutterings

Posted by: azladi5 on: February 17, 2008

  1. Passport :: 342263_passport.jpgPhoto
  2. Small world :: Disney (remember, Julie! :)
  3. Radio :: Disney
  4. Marine :: Tom (son-in-law)
  5. Wall :: of China
  6. Wanna be :: like Jesus
  7. Pigtails :: Childhood
  8. Hyphen :: Dash
  9. 9.99 :: Cheaper than $10.00???
  10. Unrated :: Video

Unconcious Mutterings

Posted by: azladi5 on: February 10, 2008

  1. Score :: Baseball
  2. Luxurious :: Silk
  3. Party :: New Year’s
  4. Limited edition :: Diet Chocolate “Dr. Pepper” Mmmm!
  5. Security :: Alarm
  6. Betty :: Boop
  7. Under construction :: Streets (ALWAYS!)
  8. Pest :: Elimination
  9. Director :: “Action!”
  10. Express :: Train

Prayers Needed Again…

Posted by: azladi5 on: February 6, 2008

lonely-teddy.jpg   Well, I’m in need of prayers again!

I had plans all set to move in with a co-worker as a house~mate. Before doing so, I asked if they were sure because there was a possibility of Mike following me home without my knowledge. They said they were sure. This was about a week to a week in a half ago. Well, Monday, I had an incident with a work vehicle. It had been shot at with a pellet gun or something. The entire passenger door window had cracks on every inch of it! After telling them that, the next day after work they treated me to dinner. I didn’t know that the reason was due to fear. They are afraid of the repercussions of Mike on their life because of me. Which I truly do understand! I just never saw it coming. So, the plans are postponed for now, until we see what else Mike has in store.

   Although I am disappointed, I need to leave it in God’s hands. So please pray with me that Mike realizes that it truly is over and leaves my life forever! He himself needs your prayers too, for a life of peace that he’s never known.

   After I told my sister about the change in plans, she said, “Amazing how Mike’s not part of your life anymore, but still has control over it!” That statement hit me like a ton of bricks! She’s absolutely right! But I have to find a way to change that ~ I think that the Lord’s the only one who can, so please pray with me!

God Bless!

Unconcious Mutterings

Posted by: azladi5 on: February 3, 2008

  1. What women want :: Happy Endings
  2. Epidemic :: Flu
  3. Taxes :: Rebate
  4. Hello :: Kitty
  5. Confidential :: Trust
  6. Lights :: Christmas
  7. Summation :: Addition
  8. Hard feelings :: Resentment
  9. Electric :: Avenue
  10. Fresh start :: My life

Happy Birthday to me…

Posted by: azladi5 on: January 31, 2008

   Had a great day today with my daughter! 1st off, Julie came with an Azalea plant ~ very pretty pink rose color. She also gave me a hand~made card. I luv hande~made anything! Sooo special! It has a rainbow ribbon on the top, a cake and Happy Birthday cut~out. Inside are cupcakes and a celebration cut~out. It says:


  I love you and hope your birthday is fun & special! I’m glad we get to spend it together. Just think, this time next year you’ll be holding your grand-baby! Well, earlier than that too!  :)

Happy Birthday!


Julie & Tom (your faves!)

It was very nice!

  Then, she gave me a choice of places to eat, so we went to Wildflower Bread Company. I had a Roasted Sweet Potato half sandwich, some Italian Wedding Soup and a Cappuchino.Yum-mo!

   Then she gave me a choice of movies to see! We saw 27 Dresses ~ very good movie. The only problem was, something in that sandwich I had, effected my tummy, so about halfway through the movie, I had to run to the bathroom. Woooo!

Feeling better now though!   :}   Oops! Spoke too soon ~ just got a watery mouth and got sick!   :(

All in all, it was a wonderful day ~ thanx Julie! Luv ya!  ;)

Unconcious Mutterings

Posted by: azladi5 on: January 27, 2008

  1. Booze :: Bad news!
  2. Counter :: For my grand-baby! :)
  3. Action :: Movies
  4. Trial :: Ex-boyfriend
  5. Wheelchair :: Part of my job
  6. 1-800 :: “The Eagle
  7. Chop :: Pork
  8. Relatives :: Detached
  9. Bed sheets :: Aww!
  10. Funnel :: Cake

“Home Sweet Home” ~ prayers needed!

Posted by: azladi5 on: January 22, 2008

bedroom.jpg   A wish and a prayer!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to see about some housing that I desperately need. My life has been up in the air since 2003. Because of finances, I have had to live with others. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but I truly need a place of my own and it is looong overdue! You see, this place will go by my income and I see it as my light in the darkness, other than the Lord of course. I really need your prayers that all will go well, as there will be ten others also looking for a place. So I leave this in your hands and God’s. God bless you in advance, as I claim this as his will for me!   :)