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“Home Sweet Home” ~ prayers needed!

Posted by: azladi5 on: January 22, 2008

bedroom.jpg   A wish and a prayer!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to see about some housing that I desperately need. My life has been up in the air since 2003. Because of finances, I have had to live with others. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but I truly need a place of my own and it is looong overdue! You see, this place will go by my income and I see it as my light in the darkness, other than the Lord of course. I really need your prayers that all will go well, as there will be ten others also looking for a place. So I leave this in your hands and God’s. God bless you in advance, as I claim this as his will for me!   :)

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Hey Mom! Of course I am praying for you! :) Love you!

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