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Happy Birthday to me…

Posted by: azladi5 on: January 31, 2008

   Had a great day today with my daughter! 1st off, Julie came with an Azalea plant ~ very pretty pink rose color. She also gave me a hand~made card. I luv hande~made anything! Sooo special! It has a rainbow ribbon on the top, a cake and Happy Birthday cut~out. Inside are cupcakes and a celebration cut~out. It says:


  I love you and hope your birthday is fun & special! I’m glad we get to spend it together. Just think, this time next year you’ll be holding your grand-baby! Well, earlier than that too!  :)

Happy Birthday!


Julie & Tom (your faves!)

It was very nice!

  Then, she gave me a choice of places to eat, so we went to Wildflower Bread Company. I had a Roasted Sweet Potato half sandwich, some Italian Wedding Soup and a Cappuchino.Yum-mo!

   Then she gave me a choice of movies to see! We saw 27 Dresses ~ very good movie. The only problem was, something in that sandwich I had, effected my tummy, so about halfway through the movie, I had to run to the bathroom. Woooo!

Feeling better now though!   :}   Oops! Spoke too soon ~ just got a watery mouth and got sick!   :(

All in all, it was a wonderful day ~ thanx Julie! Luv ya!  ;)

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Love you too! Sorry you are sick…

I feel MUCH better now, thank~you!

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